Presenting the new Sanchis catalogue

Presenting the new Sanchis catalogue



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Following our innovation and development line, from Azulev Grupo, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new general catalogue 2016/2017 of Sanchis.

On this occasion, the cover evolves from white to blue serenity gradient, one of the Pantone colours of this year.

On the other hand, images included in reprints are overlapped with each other, using the technique known as 'Double Exposure'. In the field of photography, that gives its name to the registration of two images, whether identical and out of registration or entirely different, on the same film.

Collections are now distributed in four blocks: cement, colours, woods and rustics, and marbles and stones. The catalogue is designed under the slogan Ceramic Style, with which we intend to define Sanchis ceramics as a ceramic with style.

These are some images that can be found in the catalogue:

Sanchis Cements

Sanchis Colours