Tiles of excellent quality distinguish Azulev Grupo in Cersaie

Tiles of excellent quality distinguish Azulev Grupo in Cersaie



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Quality, innovation and design distinguish Azulev Group in Cersaie for its unique offer of large formats and extra-slim ceramics. minimum thickness tiles for floor and wall coverings and presentation of new collections for our 4 brands are the main novelties of Azulev Grupo in this edition of Cersaie.  

The Azulev Grupo collections presented at Cersaie reinforce the concept for which it was already distinguished in the last edition of Cevisama: the high quality of its porcelain tiles, innovation and design.

Azulev Grupo invests all its research and development efforts in the creation of the best designs made with the latest technologies to offer products with an extraordinary quality invoice.

cement effect tiles
Brooklyn Tiles Beige 75x150 by Azulev


Thin and large format tiles

 Among the many novelties that Azulev Grupo brings to this new edition of Cersaie, extra-fine ceramics stand out, both in cladding, with the SlimRect collection, and in flooring with its XLAM brand.

 Both SlimRect and XLAM offer their series of thin tiles in a thickness of 6mm.

 Azulev presents at Cersaie two new series of thin-walled white body tiles in SlimRect. Both series, Iceberg and Art Nouveau, are offered in a new large format of 40x120 and 6mm thickness that is unique in the market.

Art Nouveau

On the other hand, XLAM represents the offer of large format tiles of fine thickness, since we can find extrafine ceramics with a thickness of 6mm and 10mm.


large format tiles marble effect
Calacatta Collection by XLAM

White body and porcelain tiles of fine thickness, as well as extra-fine ceramics, constitute an exceptional offer for all types of construction projects, especially for the refurbishment and rehabilitation of living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, as they allow an over-tiling to be carried out.

 The large format also makes it possible to create atmospheres, both in the home and in work spaces, totally integrated by covering doors, wardrobes or electrical appliances.

 Large-format, thin-thickness tiles are a truly attractive offer for architects, decorators, builders and interior designers interested in creating elegant and unique spaces.

News from Azulev Group in Cersaie

 With more than 900 stands and visitors from 36 countries around the world, Cersaie is one of the main international trade fairs for the ceramic and bathroom furniture sector.

 Azulev Group faithful to its annual appointment with this singular event of the ceramic sector, will attend the next edition of Cersaie to show the novelties of its 4 brands: Azulev, XLAM, Sanchis and Bath.

wood tiles
Genuine Ash Collection 20x120 by Azulev

Quality, design and innovation are the hallmarks that distinguish the 4 brands of Azulev Group in the international market. 

The Large Formats seal of distinction of Azulev Group

In line with the main market trends in the ceramic sector and as a result of constant investment in research and development in porcelain, Azulev Grupo has made an important commitment to large formats and innovative finishes, which has consolidated it as a reference in the sector, through its brands XLAM and Azulev.

 Currently, both brands, XLAM and Azulev, stand out in the international marketing of large-format porcelain sheets with a wide range of sizes of ceramic pieces. XLAM offers large format porcelain sheets in 100x260 and large format porcelain tiles in 50x100 and 100x100. Azulev presents the following large formats: 100x100, 50x100, 75x150, 75x75 and 75x75 with 20mm thickness. 

large-format porcelain sheets
Ambience with Ageless Pearl and Vulcan Grey XLAM

The beauty and elegance of large-format ceramics give a distinguished and modern style to any room in which it is placed. Large formats are ideal for cladding or paving totally integrated rooms, rooms and buildings.    

 The combination of the versatility of large formats together with the properties of the ceramic material constitute an irresistible combination for professionals in the ceramic sector, such as boutiques, architects, decorators, interior designers, builders and, in short, for all those who have an elitist vision of the ceramic concept.

 In addition, some of these large-format pieces have a minimum thickness (6mm) that gives them lightness and versatility for all types of projects, whether for new construction, renovation or refurbishment.

The XLAM's new collections are:

  • Calacatta (marble)
  • Expression (iron sheet metal and very thin tin).

These two collections join the existing ones: Ageless (limestone) and Vulcano (soft cement).

 All of them offer 4 types of finishes: 

  • Satin (silky texture),
  • Wild Silk (light matt texture and softness to the touch),
  • Polished (high gloss polished)
  • and Lapatto.


SlimRect cerámica extrafina

 El revestimiento SlimRect ofrece múltiples posibilidades para el sector de la arquitectura y la decoración.

 Azulev es pionera en porosa blanca slim, contando actualmente con un portafolio importante de productos.

 La colección SlimRect de Azulev está realizada en pasta blanca rectificada y 6mm de espesor. El SlimRect lo podemos encontrar actualmente en 3 formatos: 25x65, 29x89 y 40x120.


El SlimRect es un material adecuado tanto para proyectos de obra nueva como para reforma y rehabilitación. En estos dos últimos casos, el SlimRect posibilita el abaratamiento de cualquier proyecto puesto que, gracias al espesor extrafino de los azulejos, se puede realizar un sobre-alicatado. De este modo, nos evitamos el arranque de las antiguas piezas cerámicas.


white paste tiles fine thickness
Ambience designed with the Diverse Blue and White series of Azulev

Likewise, the thin thickness of SlimRect is capable of creating spaces that are totally integrated into all types of environments. In the case of its application to a house, it will allow us to cover doors, wardrobes or structures that cover electrical appliances to make them invisible in the room.

Azulev's SlimRect collections in rectified white paste are:

  • Luminor, Vulcano and Bianco Lasa in 29x89 offer us a stylized, contemporary and exclusive format.
  • The Iceberg collections (matt white and gloss decorated with a CUBIC relief) and Art Nouveau (sandstone) become a unique offer in 6mm thin coating, incorporating the 40x120 format.
  • And finally, in 25x65 format we have the following collections: Clarity, Calacatta, Frame, Progress, Expression and Sintesis.


Another novelty is the creation of the Diverso collection. Its aesthetic line is characterized by glossy ceramic pieces with different geometric motifs in soft tones, as a piece engraving, which give it a vintage air without losing, therefore, an air of modernity. This is a very attractive and colourful series, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, presented in white, blue-grey and pink.

extra-fine ceramics
Diverse Pink ambience of Azulev


New collections of Azulev Porcelain and White Pasta

In addition to large formats and thin coating thickness, Azulev Group also enhances its design line in porcelain and white paste in its brand Azulev.

En Cersaie 2018, the Azulev brand will present new porcelain collections: Brooklyn (fusion of cement, stone and cotto) and Heritage (stone of the limestone family). Both offer multiple possibilities as they are ideal as flooring as well as cladding, i.e. for wall installation. These two collections are available in 59x59 and 29x59 formats.


Castellón tiles Heritage series by Azulev
Ambience Heritage Triangles Mix Grey 40x120 by Azulev

New Porcelain Formats:

  • 75x75 in 3 new collections: Brooklyn, Heritage, Delice (metamorphic rock).
  • 75x150 in 2 new Collections: Brooklyn and Heritage.
  • 100x100 in the Brooklyn collection, thickness 10 mm.
  • 50x100 in the Brooklyn collection, thickness 10 mm. 
  • 75x75 20 mm in the new 20 mm non-slip format from the Brooklyn collection.

With regard to the technical characteristics of Brooklyn collection flooring, it is worth mentioning that it comes in normal finish (R10) and in non-slip finish (R11 - C3 - A+B+C).

Por your part, Heritage is presented in white paste and porcelain in different formats. Depending on the format, we can find coverings with one or two reliefs and colours. With regard to the flooring, it should be pointed out that it also offers a normal finish and a non-slip finish.

 The new Delice collection stands out for the simplicity of its base that contrasts with its straight veins.

 Another novelty is the Crossline collection. This white marble with soft grey streaks is a classic that allows us to create timeless spaces of great singularity and beauty.

La Onice collection, inspired by the homonymous mineral considered as a semi-precious stone, is another of the novelties that Azulev Grupo presents at Cersaie 2018. The collection offers a glossy white paste finish and a matt porcelain finish. 

porcelain tile cemented wood effect
Ambience Identity Grey 20x120 by Azulev

Another Azulev novelty in the next edition of Cersaie is the creation of two new series for the Wood Emotions collection in 20x120 format of rectified porcelain:

  • Genuine: Elegant and stately wood porcelain, presented in white, natural and ash.
  • Identity: Cemented wood. Versatile design ideal for both interiors and exteriors, as it is non-slip. This porcelain is perfect for modern and modern environments.


New formats of coverings and pavements for Sanchis

 In addition to all the novelties of Azulev and XLAM, Azulev Grupo also offers this year in Cersaie novelties for its brand Sanchis.

The main novelty of the brand is the format 30x60 white paste and the porcelain woods Combi-Wood in 22,5x90 and 45x45, and Livewood.

new wood tiles at Cersaie 2018
Sanchis Livewood Grey ambience

In addition, Sanchis' novelties include the creation of new collections and the development of new formats for both wall and floor coverings. All of this contributes to consolidating the leadership of the Sanchis brand in unground wall coverings. Sanchis also stands out for its incorporation of the 30x60 format in white paste and for its unrectified porcelain floors, in which it has introduced the 60x60 format as a novelty.

Nuevas collections of Sanchis in Flooring and Cladding:

  • Boat: Fusion of cement and metal sheet. In white paste and porcelain.
  • Buxy: Fusion of Central European limestone and very soft buxy stone. In white paste and porcelain.
  • Venice: Classic marble in brightness that confers luxury and elegance to the rooms.

 As coatings it is worth mentioning the creation of Everest, which is a monochrome collection in white gloss and white matt in white paste.


tiles novelty at Cersaie 2018
Bathroom designed with Epoque Perla 60x60 series by Sanchis


We have created new formats for Combiwood woods. The new formats in 22,5x90 and 45x45 porcelain, offer multiple decorative possibilities, since they can be used both on walls and floors, something that, without a doubt, decorators and interior designers will appreciate.

The new collections from Sanchis are:

  • Distressed Wood: a pearl coloured pickled wood.
  • Industrial Wood: antique and recovered wood that gives it great authenticity and is suitable for placement in any type of room.
  • Modern Wood: a contemporary, modern and tremendously commercial wood in beech colour. Ideal for loft and open spaces.
  • Traditional Wood: elegant, very stately and attractive wood, in walnut colour.
  • Livewood: classic wood with a very natural finish. In three colours: white, honey and grey. It brings warmth and elegance to the rooms.

All of them are suitable for both walls and floors. 

Hydraulic tiles are trend

Following in the footsteps of modern architecture that has recovered vintage trends, we have created two types of hydraulic-looking porcelain tiles in the Epoque and Oldker collections. These collections are ideal for wall cladding or floor paving to recreate unique and attractive spaces.


Kitchen design created with Olker tiles and Sanchis Grey Boat

The Bath novelties from our brand Bath The Solid Surface

Bath will present at Cersaie all its collections of Shower trays, Bath furniture, Countertops, Sinks and Bathtubs.


Bathroom furniture from the Bath brand by Azulev Grupo
Structure furniture without legs by Bath

The Structure series has been added to all of them as a novelty, offering a variety of installation options and multiple possibilities for offering alternative solutions.

shower tray of the Neosolid Planic series
Ambience created with Structure cabinet with drawer and Planic shower tray by Bath

Catalogues of Azulev Group novelties at Cersaie 2018