Imitation wood porcelain tile flooring: what you should know

Imitation wood porcelain tile flooring: what you should know



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Wood is one of the floors that best suits different types of decoration. This has led to the market being full of different types of floors that imitate wood, with porcelain tiles being one of the most popular.

As we said, porcelain imitation wood flooring is one of the favourite alternatives when you want a wood-like finish. It is the perfect option to enjoy the warmth of wood and also the comfort and resistance of porcelain.

If you are about to change the floor of your house and want to know more about porcelain tiles, you are in the right place. From Azulev we review the types of flooring, the advantages, and we talk about some of our star products, products that will make the floor the true protagonist of your home.

Types of porcelain flooring

Porcelain flooring offers great possibilities. We can find all types of flooring on the market, not just wood effect. Also those with a stone and rust effect, cement effect, those with a glossy finish, hydraulic...

All of them have the same advantages.

Advantages of porcelain floors

At Azulev we would like to compile a list of the main advantages of using porcelain flooring compared to other types of flooring:

  • Highly resistant to the passage of time, impacts and different weather conditions.
  • It is very stable. Unlike wood and other types of flooring, porcelain does not expand or contract.
  • High durability. Taking this factor into account, the price is not high.
  • It requires very little maintenance.
  • There is a wide variety of designs, not only wood-imitation porcelain tiles. Also hydraulic and other types of floors.

Imitation wood porcelain tiles in Azulev

We show you some of the imitation wood porcelain tiles that we have in Azulev:


It is a porcelain tile that imitates oak wood and that you can find in two colours. It is ideal for decorating modern spaces, but also for decorating Scandinavian style spaces.

suelo porcelánico imitación madera


The Vegas collection is a wood collection that shows great character and versatility, as it is suitable for both industrial and boho decoration.  Its handcrafted look brings a great quality to all spaces. It is a real jewel that makes spaces full of personality and naturalness.  

tipos de suelo porcelánico


Blues is one of our most Boho collections. A floor that imitates wood, perfect to fill a home with style. It comes in various colours and all of them have a great personality. In addition to imitation wood, you can also find it in a hydraulic version.

Ventajas de los suelos porcelánicos

So why go for wood-look porcelain tiles?

Because it is a floor that is easy to clean, resistant, perfect so that over time the wear and tear is not noticeable, ideal for indoors but also for outdoors, and also because there are a lot of possibilities with a wood effect, but also with many other effects and textures.

Ready for a change? At Azulev we hope we have encouraged you to get to know some of the stars of our catalogue, those porcelain products that conquer the hearts of interior designers all over the world. Today the options are numerous and the finishes are so good that practically nobody can tell the difference: the imitation wood is spectacular!

Azulev, discover our product catalogue!