​ Azulev Grupo stands out at Coverings with its large format XLAM brand

​ Azulev Grupo stands out at Coverings with its large format XLAM brand



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Azulev Grupo distinguishes itself at Coverings 2018 with its new XLAM large format porcelain brand.

Azulev Grupo has also participated in this year's edition of Coverings, the International Construction and Interior Fair, which was held in Atlanta (United States) from 8 to 11 May. The Azulev Group exhibition with its three representative brands Azulev, Sanchis and Xlam, has been located in the Spanish Pavilion. 

Versatile and elegant large format ceramic sheets

Always at the forefront of trends in style, design and technological innovation, Azulev Group has created the brand of large format ceramic sheets XLAM. The aim of XLAM is to cover environments, buildings and rooms with an innovative ceramic material that offers multiple possibilities and great versatility.

 The XLAM collections are characterized by their elegance and luxury finishes.

The pieces are presented in the following formats:

  • Grinded porcelain: 6 mm and 10.5 mm thick for the 100x100 format.
  • Porcelain: 6 mm for 50x100 and 100x260 formats.

 Both for its formats and for the exclusive properties of its materials and luxury finishes, the brand of large-format XLAM ceramic sheets is aimed at boutiques, architects, interior designers and professionals in the sector who are committed to an elitist vision of the ceramic concept.

XLAM presents two collections:

  • Vulcano: a soft and highly integrated cement, it provides an avant-garde vision and great versatility to be integrated into any project.
  • Ageless: natural stone composed mainly of calcite and to a lesser extent other minerals, such as quartz or clay, with a petreo finish.


Large rectified formats also for Azulev

The most outstanding feature of the new collections that Azulev presented at Coverings 2018 is its innovative commitment to large rectified formats in 75x150 and 75x75. These are two new formats that Azulev has introduced in its wide range of products.

The series that constitute this new collection of rectified large formats are:

  • Delice: It is a compact rock that after a natural transformation is presented as a marble of renewed classical inspiration, available in white, ivory and grey. This series is available in three formats, depending on whether it is white body wall tiles, rectified porcelain floor tiles or matt finishes. 
  • Heritage: it is a limestone from the warm seas of tropical regions. The cladding is decorated with three different reliefs. It is possible to choose between a normal or non-slip finish. Heritage is available in the following colours: pearl, anthracite and ash for porcelain and grey and pearl for cladding.
  • Brooklyn: Made from cement, stone and cotto, this collection offers a very natural look and soft texture. Brooklyn is the most avant-garde series and fits perfectly into all types of modern and minimalist rooms.

It also presented its SlimRect collections in two formats 25x65 and 29x89, both rectified and in white paste, with 6mm thickness. The 29x89 format is one of the novelties that Azulev has added to its collections in 2018. 

In our SlimRect Catalogue you will find the detailed features of their collections in the two 6mm thick formats.

New formats in white body and porcelain with Combiwood woods

Finally, Azulev Grupo's Sanchis brand is also committed to new trends with its new 30x60 format in white paste and the new 22.5x90 format in porcelain with Combiwood woods.

These three brands, with their respective collections, place Azulev Grupo at the forefront of ceramic trends and styles and as a benchmark for innovation in materials and designs, thanks to its continuous research and direct contact with the sector and the demands of today's national and international market.

For all these reasons, the Azulev Group stand was an essential meeting point at the International Building and Interior Fair, Coverings 2018.