Porcelain tiles for terraces and exteriors

Porcelain tiles for terraces and exteriors



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Porcelain tiles on terraces and outdoors.

As good Mediterranean people, as soon as the temperatures rise slightly and the first rays of sunshine appear, the desire to open up our homes and move our family and social life outdoors is just one of the reasons why we want to open up our homes and move our family and social life outdoors.

In country homes with gardens, large terraces of city flats with balconies or inner courtyards, every square metre of outdoor living is nowadays considered to be of great value. 


Heritage Antracita 75X150cm OUTSIDE20.

Large-format ceramics are on trend this season in their most timeless form.

Single-colour designs allow for the creation of contemporary spaces with a timeless aesthetic. In the same way, those inspired by materials such as stone, cement or wood and those with a more neutral and simple aesthetic are also making their way into the most current projects. 

Porcelain floor tiles also have great technical advantages such as durability, lack of maintenance, high resistance to wear and tear or sun exposure and no water absorption, essential characteristics for outdoor spaces.

The importance of safety on terraces and in swimming pools.

Avoiding falls and accidents in swimming pools or wet areas is of vital importance when thinking about a covering material. None of the different materials available on the market offers greater safety against slips and slides than porcelain stoneware. Its anti-slip finish guarantees maximum grip on both wet and dusty surfaces. A safe floor for the pool environment does not mean giving up beautiful aesthetics or a pleasant feel. The latest technological innovations allow us to offer flooring for terraces and swimming pools that guarantee maximum grip with very modern designs.


Aura Taupe 100X100cm OUTSIDE20.

The versatility of porcelain tiles in outdoor design.

The possibilities of porcelain tiles in outdoor flooring are very wide. The current trend is to use large-format pieces for swimming pool basins because of their high technical performance, but also because of the wide variety of designs and technical pieces available. 

Far from being limited to traditional ceramics, today's swimming pools are inclined towards neutral designs with basic colours or incredible effects inspired by marble, natural stone or wood.

There is no doubt about the great versatility that this material brings to projects, facilitating a complete aesthetic integration between the interior and exterior of the pool.

On the other hand, another major trend in which ceramics is making headway is the cladding of furniture, walls and outdoor kitchens.  

Due to its high technical performance, porcelain tile has become a safe bet when it comes to renovations and outdoor work, as it ensures greater durability and inalterability against external aggressions that other natural materials or synthetic resins cannot withstand.

Accesses and paths in the garden and swimming pool.

Another current trend is the creation of small environments, paths and space dividers in gardens. With 20mm thick anti-slip pieces, it is possible to shape accesses and paths in swimming pool, garden or outdoor spa areas, both in private projects and in hotels and residential areas.

This type of format is a versatile, durable and very resistant solution. The 20mm porcelain tile can be laid in different ways, either dry, on gravel or on grass, without the need for glues or other materials apart from the tile itself, which is fixed by its weight.


Stern Perla 100X100cm OUTSIDE20.

Advantages of porcelain tile outdoors

As we have been explaining, using porcelain tile in outdoor areas, whether for flooring or cladding, is the right choice due to its characteristics:

. Less absorption of water and other liquids, which is also important so that rain does not end up deforming the floor, expanding or shrinking due to humidity.

. Greater load capacity, it is one of the most resistant materials on the market, in addition it will better resist any blow that may occur.

. Better withstands climatic conditions, apart from being optimal to withstand the rains, it is also a material that is not affected in its aesthetics or its conditions by the strong heat or the most extreme cold.

. Ease of cleaning and maintenance, it is a material that you can easily clean with a mop, with a cloth and only with lukewarm water or using cleaning products, as it is not damaged by them. In addition, it does not require specific or periodic maintenance and its useful life is longer.  

. Great aesthetic variety, it is a material with a great variety of designs, with wood, stone, rust or cement finish among others.

. It can be laid anywhere in a house, among other reasons because of its low absorption, which we have already mentioned and which allows it to be used in humid environments such as bathrooms or kitchens. But porcelain tiles are also ideal for outdoor use, whether on balconies, terraces, gardens or even in the swimming pool. Moreover, it can be found in both flooring and cladding.

The best tips for a beautiful and safe terrace.

If terraces are the new living room, why not enjoy your own outdoor space? According to a report published by the real estate portal Fotocasa, since the Covid-19 health crisis confinement, searches on the portal for homes with balcony/terrace and garden have increased by more than 40%. However, when it comes to renovating and decorating your terrace, there are several aspects to consider.

Outdoor tiles, is porcelain tile the best floor for a terrace? Although there are other equally valid options for use as flooring for your terrace, the answer is yes. In addition to its wide range of decorative possibilities (ranging from the most exclusive proposals in wood, stone or cement, among others); porcelain floors are a safe option for outdoor use due to their resistance and durability, remaining unalterable over time and in the face of the continuous action of inclement weather. They are also a very easy to clean and maintain solution, and their installation is simple compared to other materials.


MaineTaupe 100X100cm OUTSIDE20.

Aspects that you should take into account regarding the types of ceramic tiles for terraces.

. Porosity. If you are going to select a floor tile for an uncovered terrace, it is better to choose porcelain tiles with low porosity, as they absorb less water, resist climatic impact very well and have a high durability, as well as greater resistance to scratching.

. Thickness. The thicker the tile, the harder it is. Generally, the average thickness of an outdoor tile is 10mm, however, we have 20mm tiles that are easy to install and do not require glue or joints. Another advantage of this flooring is that it can be laid directly on surfaces such as concrete, gravel or grass, and even create a raised walkway above the ground. This practical and quick to install raised floor also allows cables and pipes to be concealed underneath, thanks to the gap created underneath.

Brooklyn Perla 75X75cm OUTSIDE20.

. Piece size and grinding. When choosing outdoor flooring (especially if we are talking about the decoration of larger terraces), it is advisable to select large-format porcelain tiles that increase the feeling of uniformity. If the piece is also rectified, you will achieve a smaller thickness in the joints.

. Anti-slip. Opting for non-slip outdoor flooring is the best option to guarantee safety on your terrace. Moreover, it is essential to do so if the area includes swimming pool surroundings. Flooring is divided into various classes according to the level of slip (GRIP), with class 3 (or R11) being the highest level.

Porcelain tile finishes, ideas for outdoors.

. Wood-effect outdoor porcelain tiles: One of the advantages of wood-effect outdoor flooring is the warmth they provide, a chameleon-like decorative element capable of integrating and blending in with the environment. Azulev's commitment to innovation in ceramic production has ensured that its latest ceramic wood collections are very faithful to the natural material, standing out for the delicacy of their grain and details. 

If we are looking for a style that will stand the test of time, wood is undoubtedly the perfect material. Due to the warmth and naturalness of its graphics, it is a proposal that favours the connection of interior and exterior universes while maintaining its own style. The result, terraces, porches and balconies with a lot of charm that become the epicentre of the home during the warmer months.

Nowadays, it is possible to find porcelain wood that is ideal for terraces, swimming pools, jacuzzis and solariums. The great advantage of ceramic wood for outdoors is the absence of maintenance and resistance to climatic agents and external aggressions together with its anti-slip properties that will prevent falls and slips in swimming pools, wet areas and high traffic areas such as terraces, restaurants or chill out areas. 

Genuine Natural Antideslizante 20X120cm.

. Stone porcelain tile for outdoors: Among the pavements for terraces, one of the most successful are the porcelain tiles in stone finish. The latest designs masterfully play with their chromatic palette to cover exteriors with their mineral character. Diversity and different laying options are also one of the strengths of the new generation of stones.


Aura Gris 100X100cm OUTSIDE20.

. Cement porcelain tile for outdoors: Due to its aesthetics, the cement finish porcelain tile allows the composition of a sober and harmonious environment, being the perfect complement for the rest of the elements of the decoration. 

You can use it for the same purpose to cover the inside of the pool as well as the surrounding area. You can also create coordinated steps for the pool and even place them on the walls for an endless effect.

Cement is one of the materials that continues to gain popularity season after season. With its relaxed aesthetic and neutral colour palette, it is ideal for contemporary styles and integrates perfectly into interiors and exteriors. Surrounded by gardens or green areas, it generates an exquisite contrast that makes it one of the great bets for outdoor decoration this year.

In urban homes, with small terraces and balconies, connecting the home with the outdoors through continuous paving has become a key trend.

The rise of hydraulic and decorative tiles also reaches outdoors, either by creating a ceramic carpet or extending over the entire surface.

The home opens up to the outdoors

Contemporary architecture is firmly committed to the connection between indoors and outdoors, creating open and luminous spaces that invite you to live. In the cities, life is filtered through patios and terraces, which become sources of natural light and constitute private universes in which to enjoy life outside without leaving the house.

The key between indoors and outdoors lies in generating a continuity between spaces that provides greater homogeneity and visual amplitude. 

The versatility and wide range of finishes and styles that can be found in porcelain tile today makes it possible to design ambiences in line with the latest trends in interior design and to integrate spaces in which the line between indoors and outdoors fades away.


Aura Marfil 100x100cm OUTSIDE20 & Aura Marfil 29x89cm SLIMRECT.

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