Azulev Grupo's novelties for Cersaie 2017

Azulev Grupo's novelties for Cersaie 2017



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As every year, Azulev Grupo participates in Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings. The next edition will be held in Bologna from the 25th to the 29th of September. Visit us in hall 19, stand C64 - D63 and don't miss all the novelties that we've prepared!


With Autumn series, we continue to expand the Wood Emotions catalogue. This time we are launching in the rectified porcelain 20 x 120 format a very soft rustic wood. It has a double structure: a directional one with very little depth in the lower porcelain support and another at the top that matches the image, where we apply an ink with digital technology that gives it volume. It has a slight shading and comes in two finishes: one normal for interiors and other non-slip one for exteriors. The series comes in three colours: white, beige and grey.

Autumn Grey Azulev
Autumn Grey Azulev
Autumn White Azulev
Autumn Beige Azulev
Autumn Beige Azulev

Bianco Lasa

We have expanded the series to the 29 x 89 SlimRect format with rectified white paste coating. Bianco Lasa Matt is a marble whose origin is in the heart of the Dolomites. It's elegant, refined and harmonious. It mixes very light tones with a mostly white background and has degraded grey veining. Due to its simplicity, it's highly appreciated by architects and designers and we can place it in both modern and classic environments. It has silky texture and matte finish. We decorate the series with the Tress relief and we can coordinate it with the 59 x 59.

Bianco Lasa Azulev
Bianco Lasa Mosaico Azulev


We continue to expand Calacatta model, now in gloss finish, and, in this case, in the 25 x 65 SlimRect format with white paste coating. Our Calacatta has a very white base that gives it great luminosity. It has few shadows and it's accompanied by some pieces with highly-integrated veins and other, more sharply-defined ones. It also reflects luxury and elegance. We decorate the coating with the Kite relief. We can match with coating with the Calacatta White Matt Rect 59 x 59. Likewise, we add new formats in porcelain to our Calacatta such as 30 x 60, 45 x 45 and 60 x 60 with a gloss finish.

Calacatta Brillo Azulev
Calacatta Mate Azulev


The white gloss finish is a timeless classic. We have therefore opted to present Clarity White SlimRect 25 x 65, thus including the first gloss in the SlimRect 25 x 65 collection with white paste coating. Light and purity are its key notes. We decorate it with the Kite relief and match it with the woods of the Wood Emotions collection.

Clarity Kate Azulev
Clarity Taupe Azulev


After the good reception the series got, we have extended it to the 25 x 65 format with SlimRect white paste coating. Expression is a very thin metal sheet made of iron and tin. In developing it we have used industrial sheets which we have given a final treatment against rusting and corrosion, in order to achieve the desired result. With a matte finish in the background, it highlights the semi-gloss that matches the design in the image. We decorate it with the Wheat relief and its matching paving is the rectified porcelain Expression 59 x 59.

Expression Azulev
Expression Azulev


It's a series of light, solid monochrome colours that provides great luminosity. They are also very soft, elegant and very commercial shades: white in a matte and gloss finish, pearl and ivory in a matte finish. We decorate with the reliefs Panal and Tress in all the colours and finishes. In SlimRect 29 x 89 format with a porous rectified white coating and a thickness of 6 mm, it can be matched with the whole Wood Emotions collection.

Luminor Azulev
Luminor Azulev


To complete our range in the 29 x 89 SlimRect format with a rectified white paste coating, we had to include a very soft and very integrated cement, a timeless cement, Vulcano. With a structure with personality and accompanied by a soft texture, the series comes in the colours white, pearl, ivory and grey and we decorate it with the Wall relief. It matches the 59 x 59 porcelain paving rectified in the colours pearl, ivory and grey, as well as the normal finish we add a second, non-slip finish.

Vulcano Grey Azulev
Vulcano Ivory Azulev
Vulcano Pearl Azulev


Azulev Grupo launches a new distinctive brand, Xlam, aimed at boutiques, architects, interior designers and professionals, in general, with an elitist vision of ceramics. Large format sheets: 3000 x 1000, 1000 x 1000 and 500 x 1000, with a thickness of 6 mm. It purpose is to coat environments, rooms and buildings, with the characteristics and properties of a ceramic material which has multiple options and versatility since it allows for creating fully integrated rooms. Shade is the first model that we have launched with the Xlam brand. It's a solid monochrome white, pearl, ivory and black in three large porcelain formats: 3000 x 1000, 1000 x 1000 and 500 x 1000. This model is a commodity and it's often used in many minimalist projects.

Shade White XLam
Shade Ivory XLam


Bluestone in 44 x 66.5 rectified porcelain is a sedimentary limestone rock that comes from the North of Europe. It's a classic and it's a type of product that is in great demand in those countries. Its colours are white, pearl and anthracite and it's accompanied by a relief with some small incisions on the support. Bluestone has a very nice and pleasant texture.

Bluestone Anthracite Sanchis
Bluestone Pearl Sanchis


By fusing a minimalist cement and a metal sheet, we have created Boat. We present the series in the rectified porcelain 44 x 66.5 format. It comes on a smooth base and has a soft texture. We can also see a matte finish with bright reflections on the white part of the design, which gives it a beautiful set of effects.

Boat Pearl Sanchis
Boat Ivory Sanchis


It's the fusion of a central European limestone with a soft and very integrated buxstone. It has a textured stone support and a very technical grainy finish. It comes in four colours: white, pearl, ivory and grey. Buxy series is launched in the rectified porcelain 44 x 66.5 format. We must highlight the dual application of this format in its placement. Furthermore, it can be placed both on the floor and on the wall and gives the entire room a uniformity of format.

Buxy Ivory Sanchis
Buxy Grey Sanchis


With the launch of Instant, we have tried to reproduce as much as possible the application of the cement with a manual spatula, creating a set of lights on the surface. Equipped with a pleasant texture, it's a series produced in the 25 x 75 format with a red paste coating in four colours: white, pearl, ivory and grey. Moreover, we decorate it with the Cubes relief in the colours ivory and grey. It can be matched with 24 x 72 format woods.

Instant Ivory Sanchis


For the 20 x 60 coating red paste format we have developed a crackled cement in smooth and in brightness, whose colours are the white and the ivory. In addition, we have added to the series a new relief that can be used as a base or decoration, simulating a 9 x 9 cm, in white, ivory, beige, blue and gray, in which the cement gives the sensation of being a vitreous mosaic . We have created a mix trying to combine in a same concept ceramic and glass. The series we can coordinate with the wood of the format 24 x 72 red stoneware.

Náutica Blue White Sanchis


Stripped woods are in fashion and that's why we have created Painted in 24 x 72 red stoneware format. It's a wood that was extracted from an old fishing boat and restored to be able to reuse it in all kinds of spaces. On its boards, we can see the deterioration caused over time, finding that some of them are cracked and the others ones are more worn. Its colours are white, grey and honey and its finish is matt.

Painted White
Painted Honey Sanchis

We wait for you at Cersaie 2017!