How to keep the house tidy during the holidays?

How to keep the house tidy during the holidays?



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Visits, family meetings, dinners with friends... These are very homely dates in which we share moments with our loved ones at home. As hosts, our house can become chaotic if we don't organise ourselves correctly. In addition, many tasks are accumulated, such as cleaning the house, placing decoration, choosing menus, buying gifts or cooking. How can we keep the house tidy during the holidays?

1. Prepare special crockery, cutlery and table linen

At Christmas we don't usually use daily crockery, cutlery and table linen, but more special ones, reserved for important occasions. Give them a review and check that everything is perfect before your guests arrive. Remember to keep them neat to find them in good condition next time you use them.

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2. Order and cleaning in the kitchen

A daily maintenance will allow you to have the kitchen clean and tidy at all times during the holidays. Have the utensils that you are going to use at hand and well organised and buy food to prepare your menus with time the necessary. Don't forget to leave room in freezer and in fridge!

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3. Guest rooms organised

Having rooms ready to receive visits from family and friends will facilitate the organisation and comfort in the house. Once they have left, you can change the bedding again, wash it and save it for the next occasion, so that you will have rooms ready with enough time.

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4. The hall as a fundamental part

Some who come, others who leave... The hall becomes these dates in one of the busiest areas of the house. Condition it to your liking and depending on the space available: you can place a rack for coats, an elegant umbrella stand to leave the umbrellas on rainy and snowy days, a carpet that welcomes pleasantly and, of course, some decoration with Christmas themes. The entrance of your house won't go unnoticed!

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5. Pick up your house after the holidays

Once the celebrations are over, pack up all your stays and be organized when it comes to putting everything away. You can use boxes, labels or bags by theme or places where they have been placed inside the home.

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Enjoy holidays in the best company!