SLIMRECT, extra-thin ceramic 6mm.

SLIMRECT, extra-thin ceramic 6mm.



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SLIMRECT, 6mm extra-thin ceramic tile

SLIMRECT is Azulev's most innovative and functional solution for ceramic floor and wall tiles. A commitment to quality and technology at the service of the latest trends, although the most remarkable thing about SLIMRECT is that it is a ceramic manufactured in an environmentally friendly and ecological way. In addition, it facilitates the installation process as it has a thin thickness and does not need to be decombricated, its 6mm thickness allows you to work more lightly.


Colorslim Caldera, Colorslim Rel Caldera, Colorslim Blanco and Colorslim Dec Warm 25x65cm SLIMRECT.

Learn about our environmental policy from SLIMRECT

Azulev has a strong commitment to the values of sustainability with the environment, this commitment has led us to achieve international quality accreditations that accompany our products. We have the EPD "Environmental Product Declaration", ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AAI (Integrated Environmental Authorisation) certificates.

Why choose extra-thin ceramics over standard thickness ceramics?

The 6mm extra-thin ceramic has less impact on the environment, is lighter and easier to handle, and the SLIMRECT thickness offers the same performance as traditional ceramic thickness.

Aura Marfil 100x100cm 20mm and Aura Marfil 29x89cm SLIMRECT.

Advantages of extra-thin ceramics for changing the cladding

You can also choose SLIMRECT thin ceramic when the aim is to lay the ceramic over other materials. Another advantage of extra-thin wall tiles is the opportunity to save money during the renovation, as you do not need to invest time and resources to remove the previous material. It can simply be laid over the existing material, using C1 and C2 cementitious adhesive depending on the porosity of the surface; plasterboard, wood, ceramic or any other surface is suitable for SLIMRECT. 

Tanzania Lindi Honey 40x120 SLIMRECT and Chalk White 40x120cm SLIMRECT.

SLIMRECT are thin pieces and therefore lighten the weight of the same facilitating the transport. It is worth remembering that despite their 6mm thickness, they are highly resistant ceramic pieces. Advances and innovation in the development and production of ceramics allow us to offer products with high technical performance. In fact, European regulations establish a minimum value of 200N of Breaking Strength (UNE-EN ISO 10545-4) and 15 N/mm2 of Flexural Strength for thicknesses of less than 7.5mm (UNE-EN ISO 10545-4), our SLIMRECT complies perfectly with these values.

Tanzania Lindi Natural 40x120cm SLIMRECT.

At Azulev we are committed to the environment.

At Azulev we are aware of the environmental impact that industrial activity can cause, so we take the utmost care in our processes to minimise the footprint we leave. 

The production of SLIMRECT reduces fuel consumption during manufacturing, as well as the reduction of inks, the reduction of water used and the reduction of fluorinated compounds (HF) in ovens. It also means improvements in logistics, as it reduces the use of packaging as we introduce twice as many pieces per box. In this way, we reduce the amount of waste.

In addition, by being able to transport twice as much material with the same weight and in the same space, CO2 emissions are reduced during transport from the factory to the distribution points. 

Colorslim Crema, Colorslim Rel Crema and Colorslim Dec Warm 25x65cm SLIMRECT.

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