Marble reinvents itself and becomes the new 'must have' of today's home.

Marble reinvents itself and becomes the new 'must have' of today's home.



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Marble reinvents itself and becomes the new 'must have' in today's home. 

Versatile, elegant and cosy.

We don't know if it is because of its timeless character, its innate elegance or the new boom in natural materials, but it is clear that marble is experiencing a second youth. Of course, if there is one thing it can boast of, it is its resilience and ability to reinvent itself, to succeed in incorporating itself into the decoration of today's homes in an original and novel way, without complexes of a splendid past, because it is ready to have an even better future. 

Bianco Delicatto.

Usually present in wall and floor coverings, it now goes a step further to dress furniture, special pieces and decorative accessories, with which it complements the ceramics perfectly.

Crystal White 120x120cm & Calacatta Black 60x120cm.

If one thing is clear, it is that marble never goes out of fashion. It is the eternal representation of elegance, which is why it is the material of choice for many commercial premises and hotels to give style to their spaces. 

Variety of colours

Within our new marble collection we propose different styles and combinations:

Its variety of colours is another of its advantages. Thus, the cream, versatile and refined, are able to get out of any situation. Although all shades have a place in today's interior decoration, the truth is that black and white have made a place of honour, for its ease to fit into any style, without losing sophistication and elegance. 

Calacatta Black 120x120cm.

With its overwhelming personality and poetic elegance, black marble adapts to a sophisticated and glamorous decoration, as well as to a minimalist, Nordic or industrial style. 

Proof of its good harmony with current decoration is its combination with other materials, mainly wood and metal. 

Much more than just bathroom cladding

If before its natural habitat in the house was the kitchen and the bathroom, now it expands to the rest of the rooms. However, whether in the living room, dining room or bedroom, it chooses a wallpaper that allows it to stand out, without stealing all the attention, as it continues to be a symbol of timeless luxury.

Crema Roma 60x120 & Vegas Natural 25x150cm.

It is recommended not to overload the spaces, as the veins and shades of the ceramic marble can be the main decorative motif. They certainly catch the eye and help us to walk through the space.  

Calacatta White Matt 60x120cm.

Create the right atmosphere for your audience

Marble is not an aesthetic for a specific audience. Depending on the type of marble and the decorative elements with which you combine it, you will define the personality of the space. 

In commercial space projects, marble is a great opportunity, the aesthetic qualities and the great reception by the public of the decorative style with marble make it an ally. An opportunity to create attractive spaces that are the best container to offer the products or services of each business. 

Calacattta Gold 120x120cm.

In this hotel we observe that the warm tones and minimalist lines help to connect with a public that expects a modern, luminous and inspiring space.

Calacattta Gold 120x120cm.

As we can see in this restaurant, the marble gives luminosity to the room. Refreshing the atmosphere and contributing to highlight the rest of the elements. 

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