Elegance and minimalism in decoration

Elegance and minimalism in decoration



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Elegance and minimalism are two concepts that go hand in hand. Elegance is one of the main pillars of this style of decoration, an artistic and decorative trend that also relies on sobriety and luminosity.

Keys to the minimalist style

  • Luminous spaces: minimalism is characterised by making the most of natural light. For this reason, in minimalist spaces there are not many opaque curtains, but rather curtains that let in natural light. With regard to lighting, white lights are the preferred choice for decoration in this style.
  • Sober colours: the minimalist style is inspired by styles such as Japanese or Nordic, where the most neutral and sober colours are used. This type of decoration is far from too vibrant or flashy colours, such as red, yellow, fuchsia pink, violet... The predominant colours are beiges, whites, greys, and even pastel blues or pinks.
  • The absence of objects: the famous 'less is more' is a quote attributed to the architect Mies Van der Rohe, widely used in the minimalist movement. It means that the fewer decorative objects you include, the better. Clean spaces are key. This does not mean that no element can be placed, it means that it must be selected with care and always integrate them correctly in the environments.
  • Use of wood, steel, or glass: steel is usually used in small details, although it is not the protagonist. Wood and glass are the most commonly used materials, both in furniture and decorative objects, and wood is even used in flooring. These materials are ideal for defining spaces with clear lines, as required by minimalism.
  • Furniture with simple lines: the essence of minimalism is simplicity, the use of rectilinear design furniture is key. Simple and uncluttered spaces are sought, so the absence of frills on tables, chairs, shelves, and any type of furniture is essential. Furniture should also have a matte finish; glossy finishes have nothing to do with the most minimal style.

Minimalism and elegance

Both architecture and minimalist decoration are committed to elegance. They are trends with a clear foundation: simplicity. They are elegant and functional because they are trends that seek to reduce superfluous elements.

Examples of minimalist spaces

Here are some examples of minimalist spaces that have been achieved with the use of some of our products:

Example of a minimalist bathroom

baño minimalista

Example of a minimalist living room

salón minimalista

Example of a minimalist terrace

terraza minimalista

Minimalist kitchen example

Minimalist style ceramics

In the latest Azulev collections, a balance between good design and good quality has been sought. Many of the series available have a minimalist design, with different formats for floors that fit perfectly in minimalist style decorations, products that transmit the necessary sobriety and elegance.

Some of the minimalist ceramic collections are:


Normandie is a collection that allows us to decorate with neutral colours but also with more vivid colours, current colours that set the trend today. It is one of our proposals that combines natural elements such as stone and cement, giving rise to very special textures and materials.


Stern is a collection that brings distinction to the environments. It has a very special personality thanks to the rust effect of the series. In all its versions it brings character, and any of them is perfect to achieve an urban and minimalist decoration.

Discover the elegance of minimalism with Azulev!