Terraces to relax and unwind!

Terraces to relax and unwind!



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With the arrival of good weather, we look to relax and disconnect from the day to day, while enjoying the light and the open air. We feel like connecting with the outside world around us!

Queens Pearl 75x75 Pavimetno Porcelánico Antideslizante. Azulev
Queens Pearl 75x75. Azulev

All we can think about is having a drink outdoors, preparing a dinner in a perfect atmosphere and in good company, reading a good book, listening to music, sunbathing. Gardens and terraces complement and add to the attraction of many homes, becoming an opportunity to expand the living space enjoying the intimacy of home without having to leave home.

Tanzania Anthracite 20x120 Pavimento Porcelánico Antideslizante. Woodemotions by Azulev
Tanzania Anthracite 20x120. Azulev


It's time to go out to the terrace! 

Extend your house to the outside and make it bigger. Good weather allows you to make the most of your space by extending your lifestyle. You can have meals on the terrace, relax in the garden or rest on the patio.  You may experience the feeling of wellness that an outdoor space brings to your life.

Vulcano Grey 59x59 Pavimento Porcelánico Antideslizante. Azulev
Vulcano Grey 59x59. Azulev

How to decorate charming terraces? Appropriate furniture, small stylish details, a few touches of green and some imagination can be the key of achieving charming terraces. 

Maine Cotto 100x100 Pavimento Porcelánico Antideslizante. Azulev
Maine Cotto 100x100. Sandstone Dark 75x150. Azulev

The choice of floor is important. At Azulev we have a wide range of non-slip porcelain tiles. Porcelain is a durable material that is easy to clean. Rain, frost, ice or humidity increase the risk of slipping or falling, especially on terraces and stairs. On terraces and[c1]  swimming pool areas , it is essential to prevent falls. 


Heritage Antracita 75x150 Pavimento Porcelánico. Azulev
Heritage Antracita 75x150. Azulev

Choose the furniture that best suits your style. There are many different types of outdoor furniture on the market, including wood, aluminium, rattan, iron, plastic and wicker.  Ceramic is also a good possibility to create decorative elements such as benches, armchairs and tables. Durability is assured.
Brooklyn Gris 75x75 20 MM Pavimento Porcelánico Antideslizante. Azulev
Brooklyn Gris 75x75 20 MM. Azulev

Outdoor lighting is a factor that directly influences the atmosphere and decoration. Lighting garlands give a modern touch and provide a perfect intimate touch for night-time evenings.  You can also distribute small lamps and turn your terrace into a wonderful chillout.
Autumn Grey 20x120 Pavimento Porcelánico Antideslizante. Woodemotions by Azulev
Autumn Grey 20x120. Azulev

Outdoor textiles? Yes, it is a resource we love to give colour to outdoor spaces. The cushions are ideal for creating contrasts with the upholstery of the armchairs or integrating with the colour of the set. Even if we don't have any furniture, cushions are also a good option as seats to enjoy informal visits.
Denver Blue 20x120 Pavimento Porcelánico. Woodemotions by Azulev
Denver Blue 20x120. Azulev

The best decoration is the one that shows our personal touch and makes us feel comfortable and relaxed.