Summer style 2021

Summer style 2021



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Summer Style 2021

The home, terraces and gardens revalued

The pandemic has made us rethink the design of our home and without a doubt, terraces, gardens and outdoor areas have been revalued. Wellness spaces play a fundamental role and become the undisputed protagonists of the home.                                 

Maine Taupe 100x100cm 20mm

Maine Taupe100x100cm OUTSIDE20

New designs for outdoor spaces and terraces

At Azulev we propose natural style terraces that blend in with the surrounding nature. We propose natural finishes that also allow you to gain a sensation of space without renouncing the characteristics of durability and resistance that all Azulev porcelain tiles provide.

Decorating the patio or terrace of the house is not a trivial matter, but a process in which every detail counts. The flooring chosen for these spaces in the home is a determining factor in giving them a specific aesthetic.

A variety of styles have become fashionable to decorate these spaces that are so desirable these days. Wood, cement, stone,... only the imagination sets limits. Colours, materials and combinations of one or the other are capable of giving life to compositions full of charm that reflect the particular tastes of each individual.

Porcelain tile has many qualities and is one of the star materials when it comes to choosing flooring for outdoor areas. At Azulev we have a wide variety of designs to choose from, from the more traditional aged terracotta finishes to the most avant-garde ones such as cement, stone or wood. The size also matters, from smaller and more traditional formats to large ceramic tiles that provide that touch of avant-garde. Azulev also has a range of 20 mm thick porcelain tiles, OUTSIDE20, ideal for high traffic spaces and outdoor areas that require robust and durable materials.

Brooklyn Perla 75x75 OUTSIDE20
Brooklyn Perla 75x75 OUTSIDE20

Here are some ideas to inspire you if you are thinking of renovating your terrace. Make the most of it before the summer comes, it is the ideal moment to give a new look to your home.

- Maine -

Fusion of traditional clay and cement, it is the union of the traditional and the avant-garde. In this year of pandemic, who hasn't looked back to the times when our elders shared long chats with their grandchildren or who doesn't miss a meal with friends under the porch surrounded by light and nature? Maine is not just a paving, it is that feeling that evokes and transports you to the rural world and the decorations of yesteryear.

Maine Cotto 100x100 OUTSIDE20

Maine Cotto 100x100cm OUTSIDE20

- Sandstone -

The robustness of stone in a porcelain tile with grit and a character that will not go unnoticed by lovers of naturalness. A multitude of formats to give continuity to spaces so that the interior projects outwards as if there were no limits of space and time.

Sandstone Dark 60x120, 60x60 OUTSIDE20

Sandstone Dark 60x120, 60x60 OUTSIDE20

- Tanzania -

Warmth and comfort transmitted by this porcelain wood, a whole world of sensations in a natural environment that delights and envelops us in search of peace and harmony.

Tanzania Honey Ant. 20x120

Tanzania Honey Ant. 20x120

- Heritage -

Noble stone with an elegant design, the subtlety of the small details make this collection a safe bet for decorating charming terraces, where you can enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Heritage Antracita 75x150

Heritage Antracita 75x150

Opt for Azulev porcelain floor tiles to decorate your terrace, they will not leave you indifferent!