SlimRect, extra-thin and efficient ceramic tile

SlimRect, extra-thin and efficient ceramic tile



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SlimRect for new construction, renovation or refurbishment projects.

What is the SlimRect revolution?

SlimRect by Azulev is the result of our constant work in innovation. At just 6mm thick, our white porous and porcelain tiles are revolutionising the sector.  It is a product that can be laid on top of other materials, opening up many possibilities for professionals and individuals.


Practical and affordable solutions

At Azulev we have conquered the contract sector thanks to SlimRect.   In addition to the technical features, there are also the functional ones. The thinness and lightness of the pieces make them easy to handle and transport. The thin pieces have a positive impact on the budget by reducing both installation and transport costs.

A practical solution that is attracting the contract sector as it opens up new markets for professionals who will now be able to meet the needs of the tightest budgets.


Endless decorative possibilities

But whoever chooses SlimRect does so because he or she is won over by design. And we offer numerous decorative possibilities. Stone, cement, wood, marble... Which style is yours?

At Azulev we help you find it.


Coat in style

Dress in style, with your own style. If you have a natural style, the Tanzania Collection allows you to express your personality. A ceramic wood that is also adaptable to any corner of your home. Can you imagine going from the kitchen to the terrace with the feeling that you are surrounded by tropical wood?

And this is just one of the aesthetic proposals. You can see the rest of the SlimRect collections here.


Renew the style or go out of fashion

We've already mentioned that SlimRect can be laid over other materials. So changing the style of your home is easier and more affordable than ever.

It's time for a makeover!

And SlimRect is the ideal tile for renovations, refurbishments and new builds. 

There are no limits to style, finish or format. SlimRect only opens up new possibilities and they are all within your reach.