SlimRect: new format 25x65 in rectified white body, only 6 mm thick

SlimRect: new format 25x65 in rectified white body, only 6 mm thick



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Slim Rect

In Azulev Grupo, we're launching SlimRect, the new rectified white body wall tile 26x65. Only 6 mm thick, it's suitable for fixing on other materials and it's presented with a wide variety of textures and colours.

As it reduces emissions and waste, it's about a product that is respectful to the environment. In the same way, it decreases logistics costs of storage and transport.


SlimRect doesn't need any special utensil or cutting tool. The cutting procedure is exactly the same as that used for cutting ceramic standard thickness, and can be used to cut power outage or water. It can also be drilled using the same type of drill and drill bits employed for the standard ceramic thickness.

It's recommended he same placement standard coating thickness, applying adhesive cement by double gluing technique. It's not advisable to install in "gobs" or "blade tip".


Just as it occurs for coating thickness standard, it should be used a cementitious adhesive C1 whether to place the SlimRect 25x65 on a porous vertical wall or tile adhesive C2 whether to place on a non-porous facing.

Additionally, it's recommended to paint the cement glue using a trowel 5 mm tooth width.


For placing SlimRect 25x65, you may hit pieces with a rubber mallet with a reasonable force to settle, cohesive and level the parts, in the same manner as it's done for the standard coating thickness strength.


SlimRect 25x65 complies fully with all requirements specified in the European standards for Flexural Strength and Breaking Force, which establishes a minimum value of 200 N Breaking Force and 12 N/mm2 Flexural Strength.


Similarly, it can be used exactly the same cleaning products, detergents and descaling employed for ceramics of standard thickness, due to the fact that SlimRect 25x65 meets all requirements of European standards for resistance to chemical agents.

Download now the catalogue and try the new wall tile SlimRect!