Mix & Match. The most daring Deco trend 2021

Mix & Match. The most daring Deco trend 2021



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Mix & Match. The most daring Deco trend. 

The art of combining is not easy but not impossible either. If you want to enter the exciting world of the Mix & Match trend, you should know that an endless number of decorative possibilities open up before you. Here lies its best quality and, at the same time, its greatest difficulty. 

Mix & Match. Unique combinations. 

Mix & Match means - literally - "mix and match". It is a decorative trend that draws on all styles to create truly unique combinations. Mixing is the key!

There are as many combinations as there are decorative projects. The result is always a personalised and original design. 


Combination of single-colour ceramic pieces with geometric reliefs as in the Iceberg collection and the cement effect of the Brooklyn collection, a safe and elegant bet.

Tips to achieve a Mix & Match style without falling into chaos.

The main fear when opting for a Mix & Match style is to fall into "decorative confusion". The mixture of styles, elements, materials... must be based on a central point, a common denominator. Something that gives coherence to your design. It can be a colour, a theme or even a texture. In this case, the earth tones provide coherence to the mixture of styles used to design this bathroom space. The combination is carried out with the two decorative elements with the greatest visual impact: the flooring and the cladding of the central wall pillar. 

In this spectacular intimate room, we can see how the ceramic marble from Bianco Delicato is combined with wood-effect ceramic pieces from the Tanzania collection. Both fit together perfectly thanks to the simplicity and tones of the rest of the decorative elements. But not only that, but also the connection between the colour of the "wood" and the veins of the ceramic marble, both aesthetics combine perfectly!

Bianco Delicato

Mix & Match in open spaces. 

How can you differentiate two areas in an open space without losing the feeling of spaciousness that is so characteristic of this type of room? 

A very elegant, subtle and original solution is to opt for the trend we are talking about today. In this large and spacious living - dining room, the wall tiling acts as a connecting element between the two areas, providing visual coherence to the room, as well as luminosity thanks to the Rodas Ivory collection, which provides warmth thanks to its inspiration in natural stone.  

The technique used to differentiate the two areas is to include an element that partially divides the space. To emphasise this separation, a completely different material is used for cladding: wood-effect ceramics from our Tanzania collection. Which, at the same time, matches the backrest of the armchairs. 


Connection and visual disconnection in the same space! 

Harmony and extremes in the Mix & Match trend. 

It's not all extremely eclectic environments in the Mix & Match trend - it's suitable for all tastes! The most daring designs will opt for more disparate combinations of colours, textures and materials, but as you have seen in the examples in this post there are also more conservative options in the art of combining styles. 

If you need more inspiration, go to our Instagram and discover all the decorative possibilities offered by our ceramic collections.  (https://www.instagram.com/azulev_ceram...). Marble, wood, natural stone; rustic, industrial style...