The colours of nature in ceramics

The colours of nature in ceramics



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Ceramic is the material of the moment. Suitable for floors and walls, and for different rooms in the home, a material that creates atmospheres of all kinds, mainly natural, atmospheres that create tranquillity and evoke harmony.

The ceramic floor and wall tiles that we offer in Azulev in some of our collections are inspired by nature. In our collections, three natural colours stand out: stone, earth and wood.

Stone colour

The stone colour is a colour belonging to the grey scale. It is normally the result of the combination of white and grey and is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, and even living rooms and bedrooms.

We have an infinite number of products in stone colour. These are some of the most outstanding ones:

Sandstone: a very versatile product that is suitable for floor and wall. A reinterpretation of quartzite stone that imbues the spaces of any home with realism and nature.

ceramica color piedra

Aura: the Aura series is inspired by the most minimalist natural stones. Aura stands out mainly because it is offered in elegant, subtle and soft colours, colours that we find in nature. A sober collection for the decoration of sophisticated spaces.

ceramica piedra

Earth colour

The colour earth is the colour of the desert, of the dunes, the colour of rust, and there is a wide range of ceramic products that imitate this element of nature. An original colour capable of turning environments into unique spaces, with personality and character.

This is one of Azulev's earth-coloured products:

Slate: the Slate collection has many different tones. Some of them are similar to earth colours, as well as being quite heterogeneous

ceramica color tierra

Wood colour

There are many types of wood colours for decoration, from light to dark tones. It is a very versatile colour that combines with many other colours and materials and also turns spaces into harmonious areas where nature seems to be present. These are some of Azulev's products in wood colour:

Blues: a handcrafted wood-effect hydraulic floor suitable for the most boho chic decorations. A versatile floor with personality that captures the attention of lovers of natural colours. 

ceramica color madera

Vegas: a collection with a good wood effect and great personality joins the Industrial trend with a Boho touch for consumers who love the combination of styles and want the colours of nature to be the true protagonists.

suelo color madera

Eternal: an elegant and sophisticated wood-look porcelain tile. A mixture of woods with a lot of personality, with knots, veins and very marked cracks, which give the rooms a rustic look.

color madera

Vulcano: in its grey vulcano version, it is a product with personality and a soft texture. A timeless product that will never go out of fashion.

azulejos color madera

The shades of wood, earth and stone that we have inspire some of the most exquisite collections in our catalogue for ceramic walls and floors. Very exclusive collections that we offer of ceramics inspired by elements that we would find in any desert, mountain or forest.

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