Rust effect: a trend in decoration

Rust effect: a trend in decoration



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The rust effect is a trend for 2021, especially in industrial and rustic style decorations.

The industrial style, also called loft, has its origins in the old factories and industries of New York, spaces where the charm has to do with the brick structure and the old materials seen with rust effect that mark the difference with respect to other styles. 

The rustic style creates a relaxed, comfortable and traditional atmosphere reminiscent of nature. Wood and stone are very present, with decorative details that have special and traditional finishes, hence rust is an important pillar. 


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Rust effect

The rust effect is this season's must-have. Useful in many types of decoration, although key in industrial and rustic decoration. The purpose of this effect is to create reliefs full of depth and shadows to create atmospheres with their own character.

The initial rust effect was characterised by providing an unmistakable reddish tone, although today it has evolved a lot and we can see other colours capable of providing this effect, such as browns and even greys.

How to achieve a rust effect

There are different ways to achieve the rust effect in decoration: by installing porcelain tiles, by painting the walls or by installing furniture.

Porcelain rust effect

Rust-finish ceramics give a touch and a very artistic air to rooms in the home (bathrooms, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc.) and even in commercial premises or in restaurants and hotels. Porcelain stoneware with rust effect increases the sophistication of the environments and provides that rust touch that many spaces require to achieve the desired style of distinction.

At Azulev we offer our customers a range of products with which to achieve the rust effect, for example:

Stern: thin wall tiles or porcelain floor tiles with a soft and sophisticated rust effect.

Stern Dec Oxido 40x120cm SLIMRECT, Stern Rel Oxido 40x120cm SLIMRECT and Stern Oxido 100x100cm.

Expression: thin or standard wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles with a rust finish with more character.

Expression Titanio 100x100cm y Crystal White 60x100cm. 

Each and every one of the possibilities offered by the rust effect porcelain enriches and reformulates the concept of "home" with the intention of creating unique and exclusive spaces with personality.

Rust effect paint

One of the most common options to achieve a rust effect decoration is through painting.

This effect is obtained by means of paints that add metallic particles, with the aim of making a wall look as if it were made of aged iron. It is a striking option and is recommended for large spaces, as small spaces could look too cluttered. One of the keys to painting with a rust effect is to create walls in non-uniform colours to generate contrast in the space. A sophisticated and elegant option that we can see in homes, but also in industrial style premises.

Rust-effect furniture

For those who find rust-effect walls too risky, there is another option: rust-effect furniture. Many objects with this effect are used in industrial decoration, as well as in rustic decoration. It is a way of placing small rust accents without overloading the room. What objects or furniture are we talking about? From coffee tables, hanging lamps, floor lamps, vases, chairs, photo frames,...

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