Black kitchens: yes or no?

Black kitchens: yes or no?



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Black is one of the latest trends in kitchen decoration. This colour gives the room a very elegant and modern touch. It is a sign of sophistication and it is also very versatile, combining perfectly with other colours, such as white, grey, wood...

It is necessary to point out that when we talk about black kitchens we are not only and exclusively referring to purely black kitchens, we are talking about those that are also in anthracite grey tones, and other similar dark colours.

Black kitchen

Normally black kitchens have a matte finish, although you can also find them in other finishes. They are kitchens that integrate perfectly in open spaces, for example: open to the living-dining room.

They are suitable for minimalist environments where the 'kitchen-jewell' concept is highly valued.

cocina negra

Combined black kitchen

Lovers of more eclectic styles can opt for black combination kitchens. These kitchens are combined with white or wood and are rather more subtle and less risky, although the impact is usually the same and so is the elegance and sophistication.

Here are two options for black combination kitchens.

cocina combinada

Black and white kitchen

The black and white duo is hard to beat. They are kitchens that exude a natural elegance and are perfect for those who do not want to go for total black or white.

They are a classic in homes of all kinds, in any style of decoration, and depending on the finishes and some elements such as handles, electrical appliances, etc., they will provoke certain sensations or others.

These kitchens can be found in many different ways, from white furniture with a black worktop to black furniture with a white worktop (although the latter is less common, it is gaining a place in the hearts of interior designers all over the world).

cocina blanca y negra

Black kitchen and wood

Another option are black kitchens combined with wood. Wood adds a natural and fresh touch that cannot be achieved with black alone. With these tones, a good contrast is generated thanks to the wood, which can considerably reduce the intensity of the black colour.

cocina negra de madera

Advantages of a black kitchen

The main advantage of black kitchens is that they become glamorous spaces within a home. Black is the colour of elegance and sophistication and that is why black kitchens can become the most stylish areas of a house.  Another of the advantages that we can highlight is that black gives kitchens a great visual depth, especially if it is combined with other colours that create a powerful contrast, for example with white, a combination that can visually increase the size of the space.

Another advantage we would like to highlight is the wide range of black kitchens that you can find on the market. In the past it was more difficult because most kitchens were white, however, today this has changed and there are many different styles and materials that will help you to achieve a dream black kitchen.

Disadvantages of a black kitchen

The main disadvantage is that black is a great light absorber. This is the reason why it is only suitable for large and bright spaces, otherwise the effect that would be generated in the kitchen would not be the right one.  Another drawback may be that, despite what many believe, black is not a colour that suffers a lot and stains are quite visible, which is why it requires a very thorough cleaning.

Finally, it should be noted that, although it combines with many colours, unlike white, black does not combine with all of them.

In Azulev we conceive kitchens as a special space that invites friends and family to live together, places where people cook and share experiences, that is why we give so much importance to the design.

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