Azulev Grupo bets on the latest generation of ceramics at Cersaie 2019

Azulev Grupo bets on the latest generation of ceramics at Cersaie 2019



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At the stand of Azulev Grupo in Cersaie 2019 you have seen a sample of the most representative collections of its four brands:  Azulev, Sanchis, XLAM,  dedicated to the design and manufacture of porcelain tiles, and  Bath The Solid Surface , focused on the design and production of bathroom equipment and furniture. 

The novelty this year has been contributed by the Azulev brand that has had a significant presence in Cersaie 2019 with its 5 new collections: Maine, Rodas, Sandstone, Wallstone and Tanzania. 

These new collections represent the hallmark of the firm: innovative design, wide range of formats and recreation of natural materials to create state-of-the-art porcelain pieces. For all this, the new collections have excelled this international event captivating architects, interior designers and other professionals in the sector. 

The new porcelain flooring collections are: Maine, Rodas, Sandstone and Tanzania. The new wall tile, Tanzania and Wallstone, belong to the Azulev SlimRect line of extra-fine ceramic. 

Tanzania Lindi Natural + Sandstone

New superfine ceramic wall tile

The attractiveness, quality and benefits of our thin wall tiles, only 6mm, seduce architects, interior designers, decorators, builders and professionals in the contract sector. 

Wood and stone are the main materials of these new collections of thin thickness wall tile of unique appeal. 

The Tanzania collection is inspired by the warm Savannah and reflects the fusion of several tropical woods that transmit strength, energy and character to the walls of any room. 

The 6mm thick rectified Tanzania wall tile offers a wood look and texture and different decorative finishes, such as Tanzania Lindi and Tanzania Makat. 

Tanzania Lindi Natural + Arusha 40x120 SLIMRECT - Sandstone + Tanzania Natural 20x120

Tanzania Lindi presents a 3D relief that simulates a kind of lamas and Tanzania Makat is a very colorful ceramic piece thanks to a mixture of colors and geometric patterns. 

The second large collection of superfine ceramic cladding, which adds to the 16 already existing in the SlimRect line, is Wallstone . This new collection recreates the timeless beauty of the quartzite stone. Wallstone, in 29x89 format, features a smooth base with a slight relief and a smooth finish. Likewise, the Blocks decorative finish, which is a 3D relief piece that simulates small blocks or stones, is also part of this collection. 

Stone cladding, such as Wallstone, offers multiple possibilities for harmonization with other materials, such as wood, marble ... If you want to create monochromatic environments, the perfect combination will be achieved with the porcelain tiles of our new Sandstone collection. 

Wallstone Grey + Blocks Grey 29x89 SLIMRECT

For complete information on all collections of white-paste, rectified ceramic paste, see our SlimRect Catalog 2019 - 2020 . 

SlimRect is a line of environmentally sustainable extra-fine ceramic tiles

In addition, the beauty and multiple benefits of the SlimRect line, it should be noted that it is an ecological and environmentally sustainable product. Its reduced thickness makes it possible to double the amount of cargo in each transport, thus allowing a reduction in CO2 emissions and, therefore, provides an active contribution in the minimization of greenhouse gases. 

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Porcelain tiles made of wood, stone and mud

The new collection of porcelain flooring, which joins the Wood Emotions line of Azulev, is Tanzania . This new collection is presented in porcelain, as a pavement, and in white paste, as a thin thickness wall tile of the SlimRect line. 

Tanzania, in the 25x150 and 20x120 formats, features a soft relief that reflects the texture of natural wood. It is a fusion of tropical woods inspired by the strength and energy of the Savannah. 

Both for the richness of its clear tones, and for its grain variability without large color detonations in the piece, Tanzania adapts to all types of space, interior or exterior, and decorative style. You can use this porcelain wood to design minimalist environments to others with a more rustic style and even give a retro look to your room if you are looking to recreate a vintage atmosphere. 

Tanzania Walnut 20x120 + Chalk 40x120 SLIMRECT

Discover all the finishes of this new collection of porcelain wood from the Wood Emotions line, both in cladding and flooring, in the Tanzania Catalog .  

The quartzite stone is present among the novelties of Azulev porcelain tiles by the Sandstone collection . This rectified porcelain tile is a piece with great realism and naturalness thanks to a soft press relief and a design that enhances its texture. 

Sandstone's excellent performance allows this piece to be used both indoors and outdoors and can be used for floors and walls. The novelty of this collection lies in the new format presented at Cersaie 2019 of 25x150. This format adds to those already designed for Cevisama 2019 of 75x75 and 75x150. 

Maine Cotto Ant. 75x75 + Sandstone Dark 25x150

The new Rodas collection brings the beauty and elegance of classic ancient stones. Rodas recreates a limestone capable of combining perfectly with different materials such as wood, marble or rust. 

This rectified porcelain tile is presented in the large 100x100 format, which allows you to create a sense of spaciousness to the rooms, unify environments and integrate rooms. 

Rodas Ivory 100x100

Finally, the Maine collection fuses the flavor of traditional cotto and natural mud. Maine recontextualizes traditional ceramics by emulating a piece of soft relief with a natural color and detonation that evoke country houses and rural settings. The revision of this classic of ceramics provides a piece that fuses tradition and modernity, capable of adapting to all types of environments. 

Maine is the ideal porcelain tile to design both rustic and contemporary environments. The final style of the room will depend on the design elements with which we combine these pieces. 

Maine White 100x100

The series is presented in the following porcelain formats: 100x100, 75x75 and 59x59 in non-slip finish. 

Maine Grey 75x75

The new Azulev collections presented at Cersaie are added to the wide catalog of Azulev Grupo, which continues to create the ceramics of the future faithful to its concept of recovering the essence of ceramics, the research of new materials, the development of new formats and designs to conceive ceramic pieces of last generation.