Ceramic trends 2020

Ceramic trends 2020



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In the last edition of Cevisama 2020, the ceramic trends that will mark the decoration and interior design during this year and next. From the report "Trends in ceramic surfaces 20/21" prepared by the Ceramic Observatory of the Institute of Ceramic Technology (OTH) we can cite 4 decorative trends.

Green Code. This is the trend that takes up the concept of sustainability in the most essential way. The surfaces show a more honest and alive aesthetic with materials coming from nature. The ceramic materials remain faithful to their origin, preserve their natural beauty and qualities without losing their functionality. Ceramic tiles are inspired by clays, woods, terracottas, natural fibres, textiles, natural beauty stones and even recovered cements. Surfaces with details in search of that touch of craftmanship and natural aesthetics. The colour range of this trend includes shades that convey sustainable lifestyles and closeness to nature. Vegetable shades such as soft moss and mint dyed grey, terracotta baked in the sun, orange shades, raw woods.

Tanzania Azulev
Tanzania Azulev
Maine Azulev

Balance & Care. A trend that prioritizes calm, well-being and relaxation. With a more minimalist and sentimental approach. Spaces that evolve to "feel comfortable", with a simplicity in their aesthetics and construction, making use of colour and tactile effect, with matt and porous finishes. The home becomes a centre for personal well-being, using colours and materials that invite a feeling of softness and relaxation. Use of tones, textures and materials that promote comfort and wellbeing. Textiles, pale woods, stones with a warm touch, finishes similar to plaster. The key to this trend is timelessness. Reliefs with a curvilinear effect, surfaces with volumes and monochromatic tactile finishes. It is a new vision of minimalism where colour is key to creating that atmosphere of well-being. Simple and relaxing colours, warm neutrals like cloudy white, light fleshy. 

Chalk Azulev
Weser Azulev

Roots. A trend that reedits heritage from a contemporary point of view, the search for roots and the need to return to the origins by recovering local craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Spaces surrounded by objects that evoke sensations, emotions and memories. Surfaces with classic designs such as geometries, flowers that evoke the past but with a modern air. Colours based on nature combined with traditional dyes. Slightly dull and dusty natural tones. Orange tones, bright and happy tones that mix with the opposites creating daring and very attractive combinations. Yellows that offer luminosity, mixtures with bluish and even reddish tones.

Denver Azulev
Oldker Sanchis
Everest Sanchis

Ethical Luxury. The trend of sensible luxury, designers must reconfigure luxury using waste and combining high technology and nature. Natural pre-futurist textures, fascination with the unsettling and mysterious. In interior design, environments use liquid and textured surfaces in search of light effects. In this trend we find shiny surfaces, textured, iridescent finishes, glosses, lustres, multicolored metallic surfaces with geometric textures and patterns. It is the search towards new marbles. The patinated metal, glass, stone and materials mixed with artificial industrial waste cause new graphics. Graphics that simulate the movement of the liquid veins. Colours such as monumental black together with glosses, metallic colours, dark blue, oxides, pulverised and degraded colours.

Expression Azulev
Expression Azulev