White bathrooms: how to get a magazine bathroom

White bathrooms: how to get a magazine bathroom



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If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, one of the aspects to take into account is colour.  Colour can provide spaciousness, luminosity and, in general, it can enhance the feeling of infinity if you choose the right one. White is one of the colours that visually enlarge spaces and that is why we want to talk to you about it, about white bathrooms, and about how to turn a bathroom in this colour into a modern and up-to-date room.

Bathroom decoration

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the home, we dedicate it to relaxation and that is why it is important that it generates positive feelings.

There are many types of bathroom decoration: an industrial style bathroom, Scandinavian style, Nordic, Japanese, farmhouse, rustic... Do you know what they all have in common? They all use the colour white.

Decorating bathrooms in white

Most bathrooms are located in the interior areas of the house. Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc., are the areas that are usually placed in the parts with more light. This makes the use of white the perfect colour for bathrooms because it will provide the luminosity that is lacking, making the space look bigger.

Decorating bathrooms in white can be:



A bathroom all in the same colour does not have to be boring. You can place towels or even bathroom accessories in some colour to break the monotony and give some colour accents to the space.

Combined with other colours


White combines perfectly with many colours; beige, blue, grey, black, pink, brown, green... There are endless possibilities!

White in decoration

Going for white in decoration never fails. It is a classic colour that is always in fashion. It is not a passing trend. Its luminosity, timelessness, versatility, quality at some moments and coldness at others has turned white into a must in decoration.

How to achieve a white magazine bathroom

  • Keep it simple: a simple bathroom doesn't have to be a bland room. A simple white bathroom will give you a space to relax in.
  • Dress the windows: we are not used to dressing bathroom windows. If the bathroom has a window, a curtain will help you to regulate the entry of light and will also serve as a decorative tool.
  • Decorate the walls: you can put up a picture or photo. It will add warmth, personality and style to the space. Bathrooms with dressed walls are usually much more stylish.
  • Use plants: adding a natural and fresh touch is necessary to make this environment come alive. In addition, there are plants especially suitable for the bathroom, plants for the most humid environments.
  • Tile half of the wall: one trend is to combine the plain wall with tiles. A result that combines different textures giving more personality to the bathrooms.

White bathroom ideas

These are some trendy white bathroom ideas:

White bathrooms with different floor tiles

One idea is to combine white with different coloured floor tiles. For example: a bathroom with a black tiled shower is an interesting option. The white will add light, while the black in the shower will add depth.


Satin white

Another option is to go for satin white. The choice of tiles and bathroom furniture in a satin white colour is a wise choice. The satin finish reflects artificial light much better, making the space look much brighter.  


Shabby Chic white bathroom

Shabby Chic is a romantic and warm style, that's why it is perfect for white bathrooms. It is a way to keep them from becoming cold spaces. This style brings a great warmth. If you combine it with wood tones and some retro pieces, you've got it made!


Add style with taps

Taps have become an element capable of adding personality to a bathroom. It is common to see white bathrooms with taps in gold or copper tones in decoration magazines, tones and details that add personality to the bathroom and help to make this space less aseptic.  


Bathroom wall and floor coverings

Tiles continue to be the most demanded and most used material in this space of the house thanks to the visual play they can provide and their resistance.

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