Aura Collection porcelain tiles: elegant indoors and outdoors

Aura Collection porcelain tiles: elegant indoors and outdoors



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Aura Collection porcelain tiles: elegant indoors and outdoors

The porcelain tiles of the Aura Collection and the wall tiles of the minimalist style collection combine the sublime elegance and simplicity of ceramic stone.

Aura Marfil 75x75cm.

Aura Collection leaves aside the stridencies and we are talking about a collection with infinite possibilities for the home or for commercial spaces. Perfect for indoors and outdoors being the ideal collection for indoor spaces with continuity towards the garden or terrace.

Magazine exteriors with OUTSIDE20

An outdoor breakfast, a barbecue with friends, the contrast of grass and stone under your feet?

Enjoying the world and nature with our loved ones gives us life, and OUTSIDE20 is the preferred format for creating outdoor environments that become personal spaces to enjoy the outdoors. 

Aura Taupe 100X100cm OUTSIDE20.

Aura Collection with its 20mm thickness will become the great ally in the projection of terraces, gardens, swimming pools or patios. The main concept of the series is to maintain the same "feel" throughout the house, with its balanced chromatic range it will add lightness and calmness to the interior and exterior environments of the house. 

TIP: The minimalist furniture combined with Aura, will turn natural elements such as plants into protagonists. Turn an area of your home into a chill out without leaving home!

Committed to the environment

Aura Collection is also available in SlimRect 100x100cm format, our proposal with a thin thickness of 6mm. Ecological ceramic, with which we manage to reduce the environmental footprint. 

Decorative ideas to inspire you with Aura Collection

Total stone look, the perfect canvas for dream rooms

Aura Marfil 100x100cm OUTSIDE20 & Aura Marfil 29x89cm SLIMRECT.

The total look concept is a long-established star in decoration and fashion, creating a complete look using a single material, print or colour.

With Aura Marfil, the warmth permeates the exterior and interior rooms with a total stone look, the material takes centre stage and combines perfectly with the wood of the furniture or the natural elements that are so important in any home. The feeling of home in its most innovative expression. 

Minimalist bathroom spaces

Aura Marfil 29x89cm, Relieve Marfil 29x89cm, Decorado Warm 29x89cm & Aura Taupe 60x60. 

Order and spaces that express spaciousness are a constant in the homes of 2021, few and well selected elements. Bathroom furniture becomes props, mirrors are reduced to geometric shapes and bathroom utensils are part of the decoration. Everything is thought out, especially in the choice of wall tiles, with Aura Relieve Marfil and Warm Decor, the different spaces are separated without creating great contrasts.  

Aura Rel Blanco 29×89cm, Aura Blanco 29×89cm & Aura Blanco 75×75cm

The same happens in this space where Aura White covers the indoor and outdoor areas. In complete combination, the different formats (29×89cm and 75×75cm) and Aura models with the base and relief as masters of ceremonies of a design that breathes vitality and exudes style.

Balanced colour palette

Aura Grey 75x75cm.

Aura Collection combines perfectly with a palette of colours in both cool and warm tones or combined, with white being the prominent colour and a discreet stone as a tapestry, the balance between elements is perfect. A visual balance that will give way to other mixed sensations such as calmness and vitality depending on the light. 

Our latest Aura collection is designed to create those relaxing, bright and simple rooms where the focus is on people. 


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