6 reasons to include grey colour at home

6 reasons to include grey colour at home



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Grey colour may be, for some people, a too serious, cold or bored colour. But contrary to popular belief, grey can bring balance and sophistication to spaces. In addition to accept numerous colour combinations, it's manifested in a wide range of shades that will make your home a unique and special place. Would you like to discover the main reasons to include grey colour at home?

1. Grey goes with everything

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Grey accepts almost any colour, except for very dark shades. If you combine it with white, you'll achieve elegant and subtle seetings. With pastel colours, like blue, salmon or ivory, you'll get a nice and smooth atmosphere, creating a feeling of lightness and wellbeing. If you want to bring warmth and give a natural touch to the rooms, introduce earth tones, such as brown, red or yellow, and you'll create cosy spaces. In addition, integrating grey with bright colors, like red, pistachio green or turquoise, you'll highlight the strength of these tones and you'll fill your home with vitality.

2. Any room can be designed in grey

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The wide range of shades of grey fits in most of the rooms of a home. Due to the fact that it's a guarantee of peace and relaxation, it's an appropriate colour for a bedroom. It also acts very well in the living room because, in its lighter tones, it gives brightness and amplitude effect. Combined with accessories or furniture in bright colours, it can create a cheerful and positive atmosphere in an office or workplace. Grey, integrated with bathroom furniture in neutral tones or white, can make this space look modern and cosmopolitan, causing a great sense of wellbeing.

3. Interior decoration in grey and white, a guaranteed success!

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The combination of grey and white is always a wise choice. The mixture of these colours brings tranquility and peace, so it's advisable for creating very aesthetic and sophisticated zones of relaxation. There are many possibilities for using grey and white, due to the fact that they can be used in every room of the house. They are perfect colours to create elegant spaces, fill rooms with light and get excellent aesthetic results.

4. Grey colour suits all styles of decoration

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Grey is one of the trendy colours in recent years, widely used by architects and interior designers because it fits well into the urban style that has been in fashion in recent years. But, combined with light woods and natural complements, it's also suitable for places with rustic design.

5. Interiors in all shades of grey, why not?

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As mentioned above, grey is special to generate gentle and elegant atmospheres, which will be illuminated according to the intensity of the colour chosen. Softer shades, closer to white tones, bring spaciousness, ideal for modern styles of decoration, minimalist or avant-garde type. Midtones, which are found between black and white, are best suited to contrast with decorative elements in pastel shades and white. Darker greys create an atmosphere of distinction and may be accompanied by colourful furniture and accessories that create attractive settings.

6. Grey creates harmony in your home

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Do you want to get an interior space in harmony? Grey and wood are a simple and timeless combination, with which provoke very relaxed and bright settings. In addition, as it forms a neutral base, it will allow you to add a touch of colour, with which you'll get a renewed and fresh homedecor.

After knowing these reasons, would you include grey colour at home?